Join a band


Do you know four or five chords? Can you keep time? Are you prepared to work and play hard? To be a team player? Then you’re in – we’ll show you the rest!
At Rok Skool we have bands of all levels, ages and abilities, from 8 to 10-year-old beginner bands, to teenage bands, to adult bands. Whatever your age and ability we’ll find the right one for you and develop your playing and performance skills at the same time.

On stage in the Rok Skool band room, music becomes a shared experience, as you learn first hand the importance of teamwork. And with one of our three experienced Musical Directors running the session, the execution and performance levels just get bigger and better, as the set-list grows.

And of course you get to perform! We are constantly in demand locally, for Village Days, Town Days and School Fetes. So you get plenty of opportunities to showcase your growing confidence and skills with regular live performances.

Twice a year we stage themed shows at a theatre in Haywards Heath – ‘Skool’s Out!’ in July, and ‘Cool Yule’ in December. Our bands, soloists and PopChoir spend the latter part of the Summer & Autumn terms working on it. The Show features 80 or more Rok Skool performers per night, over two nights (160 in all!) – friends and family willing them on as the cameras roll.

If it’s excitement you want, the authentic rock & roll experience begins at Rok Skool!

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