danely4Rock School


Our Method.

We may be called Rok Skool, but there’s Punk Rock, Prog Rock and Rockabilly; Pop & Reggae, Disco & Soul, Power Ballads, Heavy Metal – a whole range of musical styles that make up the modern music era. We trawl them all, from Killing Me Softly, to Killing In The Name!  We want to plug you straight in to the music mains!

Our aim is to for you to develop how to PLAY MUSIC BY EAR. To that end, we have written our own IN-HOUSE DEVELOPMENT BOOKS. These cover THREE LEVELS: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced – or, as we call them: QUO, FOO & ZEP!

So whether you’re learning Guitar, Bass, Piano or Drums, your mentor will be guiding you through these books, and upwards through the levels as you become more accomplished.

The books contain a range of exercises and a variety of songs to get your teeth into.

The EXPECTATION is that you will take whatever you have focussed on in your session and PRACTICE it at home THREE TIMES before you return to Rok Skool.

And, once you have achieved Quo status, you have all the qualifications you need to join a Rok Skool band, or to start creating your own songs in our studio, under the guidance of a much-published songwriter. Or you may want to try your hand at another instrument. Youngsters, particularly, benefit from being exposed to as many different musical experiences as possible.

They all happen at Rok Skool!

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